Financial Resources*

Here’s a list of some of the Grants, Scholarships, and Financial resources* which we found that may help you in paying for the program.

Also see our main website:

While we consider the tuition to be highly affordable, we are also able to offer the option of payment plans.

* Note that not all opportunities will be offered at all times. This list includes 3rd party assistance which may be changed without notice.

  1. Students under the age of 35 who participated in a MASA program or started or will start MASA Israel Teaching Fellowship (MITF) qualify for a $500 discount on summer dormitories. Inquire below.
  2. For students with Israel citizenship: 
  3. מועמדים לתוכנית בעלי אזרחות ישראלית שאינם חיים בישראל זכאיים לשכר לימוד אוניברסיטאי לישראליים שעמוד כיום על סה”כ כ- 29,000 ש”ח (ניתן לשלם את הסכום בדולרים בשווה ערך בשקלים).

  4. European Students active in Jewish community may apply for the Rothschild Fund Yesod grant 
  5. Australian Students may contact the friends of the Hebrew University scholarship. 
  6. For Canadian Educators: A list of scholarships and grants which may be relevant for Canada-based students can be found here:
  7. For all students under the age of 35 who have not spent more than 3 months in Israel, check your eligibility for the Onwards Israel grant starting from $1,400. (Summer seminar 6 weeks)
  8. Hebrew University of Jerusalem website:
  9. Education of Women:
  10. For European Students, Rothschild Foundation offers the Yesod scholarships
  11. For Australian Students, check with the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University.

General Scholarships:

Additional External sources:

New York Federation Scholarships and Grants

Bureau of Jewish Education
Varying Amounts – airfare & tuition scholarships

In the United States, many cities have a Bureau of Jewish Education that gives out scholarships. Contact them directly for information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bureaus of Jewish Education listed below only give scholarships to people who are located in and or around their city. Please do not contact them if you’re from a different area.


Hebrew Free Loan

International Association of Jewish Free Loans

Southern California:

For information on Financial aid for the MA in Education specializing in Jewish Education program, please see this link: or ask us to contact you by filling in the contact form below.