How Does It Work?

You’ll receive all the course material immediately following registration, with plenty of time to review it at your convenience.

We are now enrolling for Spring 2021 – class starts March 2021.

The first and last semesters will be taught online, with guidance available from your professors.

For the online portion of the course, you will receive set assignments for each week. Your study and work time per week should total not less than 12 hours.

In normal times, a 4-week intensive summer semester will be held on-campus at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. During this period, you will also be participating in related tours once per week. Due to corona, this semester might take place online.

At the end of the course, in lieu of a test, there will be a graded work assignment of 40 hours.

To read the full rules and policies for this program, visit Melton Centre’ site here.
Note: slight changes in courses may be made at any time.

For more detailed information on the MA in Education specializing in Jewish Education program, please see this link: or ask us to contact you by filling in the contact form below.