Sample Lectures on Jewish Education

On this page you will find academic lectures taken from courses taught at the blended learning MA in Education, specializing in Jewish Education program. These videos were taken from distance learning courses which are usually taught asynchronously via the Moodle Distance Learning system as part of the Melton Centre’s graduate degree program.

All lectures include subtitles in Spanish.

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The lectures are taken from the following courses:

Renewing the Practice of Israel Education – Dr. Alex Ponsom

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Jewish Education – Dr. Jonathan Mirvis

Curriculum and the Teaching of Jewish Texts – Dr. Howard Deitcher

Renewing the Practice of Israel Education

Alex Pomson

This course is grounded in two assumptions, first, that Israel education is a multi-dimensional activity concerned with the development of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, and, second, that Israel is not only a unique subject to be learned and understood but an integral dimension of all aspects of the educational settings in which it takes place. The course examines and builds on these assumptions to explore how the practice of Israel education can be renewed as an integral component of Jewish educational institutions around the world.

First Lesson - Introduction to Israel Education
Second Lesson - Why are young people distant from Israel?
Third Lesson - Schools as a context for Israel Education

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Jewish Education

Dr. Jonathan Mirvis

It is our premise that Jewish Education operates in a competitive field. We compete for the attention of potential students, for valuable resources and funding. These issues lie at the heart of social entrepreneurship.

This course focuses on the growing field of social entrepreneurship and its application to Jewish Education. Students will be introduced to primary concepts, paradigms, and literature in the field enabling them to grapple with the aforementioned challenges.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Jewish Education
First Lesson - Social vs Commercial Entrepreneurs?
Second Lesson - Social Value and how to create it

Curriculum and the Teaching of Jewish Texts

Dr. Howard Deitcher

In many forms of Jewish education, the study of classical Jewish texts, the Bible, Rabbinic literature and central texts of Jewish thought are central to the curriculum. The course will examine the theoretical and practical questions that arise in the attempt to make these texts accessible to teachers and, through them, to students. The course will include a study of curriculum theory, approaches to evaluating curriculum and a review of sample curricula. The course will also examine the ways in which Jewish scholarship can be made a resource for curriculum and the teaching of texts.

Lesson 1: Key biblical figures & Jewish texts
Lesson 2: Challenges of teaching Jewish texts